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About the project

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The project preparing the development of bicycle routes and designated in Government Decree 1364/2011 (8 November) will be implemented under coordination by the Traffic Development Coordination Centre.

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Major data of the project

Official title of the project: Preparation of the development of commutation bicycle roads that can be connected to the network
ID: KÖZOP-5.5.0-09-11-2012-0004
Planned date of implementation: 30 December 2014
Total costs of the project: HUF 613,905,750

Project host (beneficiary): Traffic Development Coordination Centre
(For information on the project’s public procurement procedure please visit the website of KKK.)

Slogan: Cycling is pleasure! Bicycle Development Programme

The lecture presenting the project can be downloaded here.

Project elements



  • Rajka–Budapest bicycle route
  • Budapest–Balaton bicycle route
  • Budapest routes
  • Balaton Bicycle Circle

Under preparation: Budapest-Mohács (complex development of the Mohács section of Budapest agglomeration, EuroVelo 6 bicycle route along the Danube)

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In process


  • Working out of the Complex Bicycle Programme for period 2014-2020 to promote the implementation of the Partnership Agreement and the relating Operative Programmes
  • A special guide defining the integration of bicycling as a horizontal aspect into various development areas
  • Working out of the system of operation and maintenance of a bicycle traffic establishment operable on a long term
  • Working out of a decision preparing recommendation for the establishment of a central organisation coordinating bicycle related tasks (infrastructure, service provision, marketing and communications, user monitoring, organisational coordination)



  • Establishment of the information and registration numbering system of the bicycle road network
  • Drawing of a study on the establishment of the framework system (methodology, financing, organisation) necessary for the establishment and maintenance of the bicycle traffic and accident database
  • Specification of a special methodology on the communication activities of the bicycle projects and the use of international good practices
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  • Development of KENYI (bicycle route registration system) software
  • National geographic information survey of bicycle establishments

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